Over 25 years of maritime experience to help you succeed


AL BARAK SHIPYARD specialises in the build, repair, maintenance, refit, and conversion of naval and commercial vessels. With 25 years of service to the IRAQ and beyond, we are one of the most experienced shipyards in the region. 

We deliver superior reliability, ease of operations, and cost efficiencies through five powerful enablers:

Boat builders build, assemble and repair a wide range of smaller vessels such as power boats, lifeboats, canal boats and yachts, using materials such as wood and fibreglass.

Ship builders build, assemble and repair large vessels such as warships, submarines, ferries, cruise ships and tankers, using materials such as steel and other metals. You would usually specialise in a particular area, such as electrics, pipe work, steel work or welding.

The Work

You could be:

  • working from designs and drawings to build and fit out the vessel
  • using wood, fibre- or glass-reinforced plastic (FRP/GRP) or steel and other metals to construct the hull of the vessel
  • using a variety of hand and machine tools to shape, mould, cut, clamp and weld materials for the hull and other fittings
  • assembling pipework and other sections of the boat, such as the rigging and mast if it is a sailing vessel, or installing the engine
  • fitting out and finishing the interior of the boat and installing furnishings, working with fabrics and paints
  • installing heating and lighting systems and communication and navigation equipment
  • doing electrical, plumbing, joinery or welding work on vessels as well as painting them
  • if building or restoring wooden boats, also using traditional skills such as sailmaking.